Monday, July 19

mile-high dog

this dog is a mile above the sea!

Monday, July 12

being legit

hey guys. i am trying to be more legit these days so i changed the name of my blog from 'brandon on the internet' to 'brandon's internet blog' because i am not always on the internet and i am trying to avoid confusion/lying.

step two towards being legit is that i am going to reveal some facts from my personal life. for the past week i have only listened to the bands: best coast, wavves, and the books. i like best coast and wavves because they remind me of being a high schooler and also on the beach. the girl from best coast and the guy from wavves are in a relationship so it adds another layer of enjoyment to their music to imagine them back stage at each other's shows cheering on their boyfriend/girlfriend. this replaces the enjoyment of imagining going on a date with either of these people, because they are 'taken' by someone who is not you. i like the books because their music is relaxing and it makes me feel smart. i feel good about relaxing when i listen to the books because i know that the books are into relaxing too. the books also makes me feel good about reading.