Friday, May 29

real cousin

this is my real cousin

Tuesday, May 26

Wednesday, May 13

Tuesday, May 12

not on the internet

brandon valade is not on the internet.


wow the internet is full of nerds.

just lying

brandon valade doesn't like to use internet in the morning. actually i am just lying.

most popular guy 2007

this just in! brandon wins most popular guy 2007!

branden and brendan were awarded nice try 2007 and what a stupid name 2007 respectively.

Monday, May 11

moby dick

brandon valade is searching for info about moby dick on the internet. brandon's note: the moby is important when searching for moby dick on the internet.

smoke break

smell ya later internet!

Sunday, May 10

naughty reasons

brandon may or may not be using the internet for naughty reasons.

ice cream

brandon is using the internet while eating an ice cream. verdict: a good combination.

dance moves

brandon is looking up dance moves on youtube dot com. what a great site. therefore youtube gets a score of 4 out of 5 sivenses:

Saturday, May 9

the internet is kind of disgusting

brandon valade is boycotting google dot com image search for one hour because it showed him gross pictures that he would never want to see. for that google you are getting 5 out of 5 barfing faces.

fun things

brandon valade is sad because of all the fun things that are happening on the internet without him.

boring reasons

brandon is using the internet for boring reasons.

sideways internet

using the internet sideways adds a fun challenge to using the internet, so i give it a score of 4 out of 5 computers.

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