Friday, October 15



BORT on the internet

facebook for babies?

should there be a facebook for babies?

do you think babies would appreciate the opportunity to project an idealized baby persona onto the internet?

do you think babies would enjoy sending 'e-vites' and private messages to other babies?

would you accept a facebook friend request from a baby?

if you could ask a baby any one question, what would it be?

do you think it's gross when a couple says 'we're pregnant'?

if you could choose the race of your baby, what race would you choose?

do you think you could defeat 100 babies in a fight?

as an aside, please enjoy my status updates, with being the closest thing i could find on the internet to a true facebook for babies (reverse chron order):

Monday, July 19

mile-high dog

this dog is a mile above the sea!

Monday, July 12

being legit

hey guys. i am trying to be more legit these days so i changed the name of my blog from 'brandon on the internet' to 'brandon's internet blog' because i am not always on the internet and i am trying to avoid confusion/lying.

step two towards being legit is that i am going to reveal some facts from my personal life. for the past week i have only listened to the bands: best coast, wavves, and the books. i like best coast and wavves because they remind me of being a high schooler and also on the beach. the girl from best coast and the guy from wavves are in a relationship so it adds another layer of enjoyment to their music to imagine them back stage at each other's shows cheering on their boyfriend/girlfriend. this replaces the enjoyment of imagining going on a date with either of these people, because they are 'taken' by someone who is not you. i like the books because their music is relaxing and it makes me feel smart. i feel good about relaxing when i listen to the books because i know that the books are into relaxing too. the books also makes me feel good about reading.

Sunday, April 11

experiencing friendship

brandon is experiencing friendship in unlikely places

clockwise from left: brandon, alec, sirius black
not pictured: internet

Tuesday, February 9